Welt evtl. wieder in Ordnung. Flash h.264 Streaming mit red5 möglich …

Es wird ja doch nicht alles so heiß gegessen, wie es gekocht wird. Hier gibt es mal ein neues Statement von Hank Williams einem der red5 Entwickler.

Guys, Relax!!!!It is unlikely that Tinic was referring to any legal means that they might employ to prevent others from streaming h.264. This was Tinic writing. He is not a lawyer or even a marketer. And his english is not always solid. I have been over the legal issues a million times so I won’t go over them again other than to say the US courts have made clear that reverse engineering a communications protocol for interoperability is *legal*. This has been adjudicated in the garage door opener case in US Federal Court several years ago. I am too tired to cite links right now though I have done so several times before. The only potential issue that could be legal is that there are patents on h.264 and AAC that require licensing. But servers do not build h.264 or AAC files, they just transmit them so just as gmail can transmit an h.264 file as an attachment, so too can any other server transmit one of these patented file types.Adobe is free to use secrecy to protect RTMP, as they do. And they are free to try to make it harder, as they may. But Adobe will not be suing anybody over successfully streaming to flash because there is no legal basis to do so. So again, everybody, please relax. Its gonna be ok.

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  1. Sunil says:

    Now red5 is ready for supporting H.264 in the next release of it.

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