red5 on ec2 with s3 – big videofiles streaming

todays a great day.

i managed to get red5 up and running on a ec2 instance. I used the ec2ui firefox plugin to handle my instance. What is ec2? Look here! What is red5? Look here!

I compiled red5 fropm the source tarball using java6 + ant. Red5 v0.6.3 Final released. <- this version compiled just fine with the command “ant server”. The versions 0.6.2 and 0.6.1 threw some errors on my ec2 instance. I used a fedora 4 base image as my starting point – but i think any other will do.

In this setup i needed nearly no configuration work. I removed the bandwidth controller (by activating the dummy one) from the red5 config file – but i think this was not needed. I had some trouble with this in older versions.

Then I started to play around with bandwidth + framerate. red5 seems to have some probs with big files, big framerate, big bandwidth. I took a 720p movie trailer from quicktime as my base video and converted with the flash 8 video converter that ships with flash 8.

Pulling the bandwidth to 950 kbit and framerate to 20 fps seems to produce optimal results for me. Larger settings produced freezing or buffer issues. I posted a link to twitter and had about 10 simultanious connects today … processor + ram near idle – this could become something big. Now we´re going to play around with load balancing using ec2 + others … and in the end it´s going to be the perfect video broadcast solution.

I´m really keen on flash media server supporting h264 streaming. If this technique is implemented quickly into a open source streaming server, internet is going to change!


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  1. Sunil Gupta says:

    Red5 will soon release support of H.264. They are working on it.

  2. Excellent article, bookmarked for future referrence

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