Finally – Flickr supports video!

Rumours have been around for a long time, but now it´s official! Flickr supports video on its formally “foto” platform. Only “pro” – stands for paid – accounts are able to use the new Video features, but concerning the traffic growth I think this is a plausible move. Videos on flickr are limited to 90 secs (althought uploaded videos can be longer and are cutted by the encoding software). This is really not a bug, but a feature – flickr handles videos like “long” fotos and this is basically what it is in our time. I got myself a Apitek Z300 HD camera. Its small like a cigarette box and the video quality is blasting (when the light is good). With this camera videos are no more than moving longer fotos (like the newspaper in Harry Potter 🙂

I´m currently uploading 1,5 GB of Videodata to flickr. As always the upstream to flickr is not to be called datahighway but 2% are already done. Flickrs doing a very fast h264 encoding and delivers the videos threw the adobe flash plugin. (I would have done it the same way!) The quality is really much better than everything you saw on youtube or googlevideo or any of this platforms. The videoowner can always download the original file back from the flickr servers – so original files are not deleted by flickr. This is great so I can delete them on my local harddisc.

Flickr is my mediamemory. Keep up with that good work. Hopefully all this Microsoft / Yahoo stuff won´t collide with the currently great developments of the flickr team.


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